The Live Branding Experience is a program built around sharing, promoting, and expanding your brand, product or service beyond digital and print media. The Live Branding Experience program is your opportunity to create live events in person and on virtual platforms to engage and entertain your attendees while selling your products or raising funds for a specific cause.
Live Branding Experience Registration

Are you an entrepreneur considering planning an event to promote your business, service or product?

Have you attended events in the past and wondered why you were there because the content did not apply to your particular business or industry?

Are you interested in hosting live experiences for clients or supporters of your business and organization?

Now sure where to begin to make all of this happen…

This Intense Workshop is for you!

We will go through the basis of identifying the purpose of your event and attracting the right clients!

There are several important elements that must be considered prior to ticket sales. This intense program will help you identify the WHO, WHAT, WHERE, WHEN, WHY and of course the HOW To make it happen. We will venture through the process of funding, sponsorship, marketing, promoting, venue selection, team building, logistics, audience building and making money.

By viewing your current processes, past events and future goals, we will help you walk through the necessary areas to develop the event you need to promote your brand while ensuring the experience you create aligns with your purpose. The Live Branding Experience program is designed to ensure you are familiar with your financial break even point and have a positive return on your investment.

This introductory program will be high level and fast paced. We have a group program where courses are designed as a peer support and critique session, as well as more individualized/event specific 1-on-1 sessions. All sessions are virtual unless additional support has been identified and requested.

Registered attendees will need to provide specific details regarding their interest in order to get the most benefit out of the event. Limited seats are available for group sessions.